A Healthier Lacquer for Your Digits!

I discovered Zoya at an adorable local salon called The Denver Nail Lounge.  If you’re ever in town I would highly recommend you popping in for a relaxing manicure and delicious bubble tea!

My manicure was done with a sparkly orange color called Gabrielle.  It lasted for about a week without chipping (polish on my nails usually starts chipping around day 3).  Zoya was named the “longest lasting nail polish” by the likes of Women’s Health Magazine and Lucky Magazine. This polish has the added benefit of being a natural beauty product!  It is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor which are toxic, damaging ingredients in some other nail polish lines.  Choose from their arsenal of 300 unique ready-to-wear colors.

I’ve been increasingly conscious over the past couple of years regarding what health effects the beauty products I use have on my body.  I’ve switched everything out for their all-natural counterparts and feel great about eliminating another source of toxins from my daily routine.  I have since visited Zoya’s website and collected around 10 bottles of their most beautiful colors.

Zoya does something really unique for their online shoppers.  Instead of chancing the color not matching the picture on their website, you can order something called a “Color Spoon”.  A Color Spoon is a sample you can use to test the color against your skin tone.  They charge $0.50 per Color Spoon, you can order as many or as few as you want and they’re shipped to you for free.  Once you place an order for your Color Spoons, an email is sent to you with a coupon for the amount you spent on them and can then be put towards the purchase of the Zoya product of your choice!

Bravo Zoya for addressing our beauty, health and budget concerns in one fell swoop!


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