Scope out the swimwear!

All of the hard work you’ve put into fine-tuning your bikini body is about to pay off.  Take a look at some of the summer’s sexiest swimwear!

Jazz: Vix

Paulina: Charlie by Matthew Zink

Missmojave Stardust Fringe: L *Space by Monica Wise

Soldier Girl: Zeugari

Feline Monokini: Paradizia

Postal Triangle: Paradizia

Swanky Monokini: L*Space

There are oodles of incredible options for the warm weather days ahead.  Visit the sites that I have included links to under each swimsuit option if you want to see what else these fantastic designers and retailers have to offer.

Swimwear World has decided to show us a little love by offering 10% off on every order over $100, exclusively for Muse Style readers.  Simply enter the code: MUSESTYLE before you provide your payment information and the discount will be applied to your shopping cart!

Happy shopping!


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