Local Designer: Mondo Guerra

As an aspiring designer, I have a special place in my heart for locals who have braved the scrutiny that sometimes comes with sharing your dream of making fashion your life.  I am fortunate to have an exceptionally loving and supportive network of friends and family….but some are not as lucky as I.

I stumbled upon the show Project Runway a bit later than most.  The first season that I watched was Season 7, which made me like it enough to want to see more.  The second season that I watched was Season 8, which made me love it so much that I was motivated to focus on what I am really passionate about doing in life, fashion design.

There was one designer on the show that truly stood out among the rest for me, Mondo Guerra.  His raw talent and technical skills should have won him the show, and that is known by anyone who has ever seen it

He is inspiring in innumerable ways. His passion for design shows through in every piece of clothing he creates, he has found a way to put a positive spin on fighting disease through his AIDs awareness Pozitivity Project and he has excelled at them both because of his unrelenting dedication and talent.  He has the courage to stand out and stand up for what he believes.  I applaud his bravery.

He won my heart as a designer with one design in particular:

Uh…I LOVE this outfit.  It was a tribute to the beloved Jackie O.  It is so classy and still maintains tremendous personality.  He could not have been more on target.  His ability to construct clothing is also out of this world.  And the fact that he chose my absolute favorite pattern of all time, Houndstooth, was just icing on the cake!

If you are unfamiliar with this designer, I strongly encourage you to visit his site and learn a little bit about him:


His work deserves the attention it is getting…and more!


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One response to “Local Designer: Mondo Guerra

  • aubrimichelle

    I loved mondo through the whole season of project runway! he inspired me with his mixing of patterns and use of bold colors in unconventional ways. his looks always gave off a sense of fun and class but most importantly confidence.

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