Waterless Hair Care.

It’s hard to say where I learned this little trick, but I remember a time when you had to put a little baby powder in your hair to fake a wash. Not anymore! There are dozens of companies on the market that are making things more convenient for us from a beauty maintenance perspective.

Dry shampoos are one of my new favorites in the convenience department. I have color treated hair so I try not to wash it everyday for fear that I will damage it by stripping the natural oils out too often. However, throwing a ball cap or headband on to conceal our dirty little secrets is not always appropriate. Hence, the booming market for dry shampoos!

Until recently there were only a few out there, but woman are starting to turn to them for their in-between-wash needs. This has caused tremendous growth in the number of manufacturers you see out there for this product.

I personally have had the opportunity to review a few of them. Here are my favorites:

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

This product worked excellent!  I separated my hair into sections and sprayed it with Klorane’s dry shampoo.  It goes on white so you can really see the areas you’ve gotten and make sure you apply it evenly.  Then I let it sit for 2 minutes to absorb the oils, as recommended.  Instead of just brushing through it to remove the powder I turned on my blow dryer and took a minute to style it with a round brush.  I looked like I’d just washed my hair and it had a ton of volume!  This product works very well and doubles as a great styling product if you’re just looking for a little lift.

Rene Furterer Naturia 

This is another great product.  This dry shampoo uses clay, rice and cornstarch powders to absorb the excess oil in your hair.  They have also added colored iron oxides to make the powder less noticeable when you’re applying it.  I have fairly light hair so it’s not a big deal either way for me, but if you have darker hair this is probably a nice option for you.  I also love the way Naturia makes my hair smell.  This one didn’t give me the same volume as Klorane, but it performed just as well with regard to oil absorption.

Dry shampoos will never take the place of a good suds session, but they are most certainly a great alternative when you’re short on time!


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