Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Oh yay!  I am so excited to share this tip with you that I recently discovered.  I absolutely love having well-manicured hands and toes.  I do it myself because I’m really detail oriented and if a manicurist doesn’t paint them perfectly then I get mad that I’m paying money for it (though I don’t typically say anything, I just stop going to that salon).  My nails are extremely porous and I work with my hands a lot, so my polish usually lasts 3-4 days max.  I find this frustrating.  While I like to have painted nails, I’m not a huge fan of actually painting them.

I was browsing through Bed, Bath and Beyond about a month ago and ran across a brush-on gel resin for nails.  I feel like I struck gold!  My nails are naturally very thin.  No supplement or vitamin that I’ve tried has been able to remedy this yet.  So, not only does my polish chip nearly immediately, my nails break easily.  In desperation I picked up a bottle of the brush-on gel resin and gave it a whirl.

ibd Brush-on Gel Resin

It comes with a brush similar to what is in most nail polish bottles.  I began by painting on 2 coats of gel, let it dry and then took a nail file and buffed it to a smooth finish.  Make sure that it’s completely dry before you start filing or it will get clumpy and ruin your nail fine.  I repeated this process 3 times.  Then I went over it with 2 coats of polish.  My nails look excellent and have been going strong for over a week now.

There are special acetone-based products you can buy at the drugstore when you decide you want to remove your gel.  Though it is not necessary to do this every time you want to polish your nails.  You can simply remove your polish with your typical nail polish remover and either add a new coat of gel to insure its integrity or just paint right over your old gel with your new color.

This makes all the difference in the world for the longevity of your manicure.  I recommend trying it, especially if you’re usually hard on manicures!


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