Natural Sunscreen: Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about some natural sunscreen manufacturers that I have had the opportunity to test and review products for.  When I set out to write the article I received better responses than I had anticipated.  As such, I chose to write a second article to allow for ample time to thoroughly test all of the products that I received.


This is by far one of the best product manufacturers that I could direct you to.  I was sent their Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 50 in Medium. This product is incredible!  It comes in a tube with a retractable brush.  You simply dust it on in a circular motion and are ready to go.  There’s no waiting half an hour for it to soak in.  Their claim is that it is very water resistant even after extended exposure to water.  A reapplication is recommended after 2 hours, but I put it through its paces and went 4.  I’ll tell you what, they underestimated their product.  I showed no signs of burning after my extended testing period with it.  They further demonstrate their water resistance and purity claims with a great photo of their product floating on top of the water in a picture of a beaker.

I was also given the opportunity to test their Skin Bronzing Primer Mild to Wild SPF 20.  I put this on underneath the powder sun protection.  It instantly improved the texture of my skin and it added an additional layer of coverage.  This product is so light and effortless.  It literally takes seconds to apply and it has a barely there look to it, so you can wear a little make-up to the beach or pool without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Their products protection comes from a 22.5% Titanium Dioxide and 24.5% Zinc Oxide mix.  It protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  Kudos Colorescience, I loved both of these products!

All Terrain

All Terrain was very kind to send me their AquaSport SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray.  This is honestly the first natural sunscreen I have seen in a spray form.  I was thrilled to find it.  I have a husband and 2 young sons who won’t stay still for anything…especially not in the summertime by a pool.  This product was so convenient to use.  It wasn’t 10 minutes of slathering on a cream and waiting for it to set.  I sprayed it on, rubbed it in a little and was done!  This product is excellent for athletes or any rigorous outdoor activity really.  This sunscreen also offers broad spectrum coverage with a 19% concentration of Zinc Oxide.  I loved how easy it was to use!

Most people forget about their lips when they’re in the sun.  I used All Terrain’s Lip Armor Lip Balm SPF 25.  It makes your lips very soft while protecting them during sun exposure.  My only complaint is that it made my lips look white.  A tinted formula would be the only change I’d make to this product.

They sent me their Aloe Gel Skin Relief.  This product helps relieve symptoms of chapped skin, as well as protect agains cuts scrapes and burns.  I used their wonderful sunscreen so I did not need to use this product for relief from a sunburn.  However, I live in Colorado where the air is drier than most saunas.  I grew up in Florida, so my skin is accustomed to pretty heavy levels of moisture.  It has been a constant struggle to keep it moisturized and healthy since I moved to Colorado.  I applied this product after getting out of the shower to see if it would help me to retain some moisture in my skin and it did!  It gave my skin a more supple texture and it smells great.


The professionals over at Thinksport sent me their Livestrong Water Resistant SPF 30 Sunscreen.  This sunscreen was formulated to help benefit Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation.  Thinksport has made a promise to donate a minimum of $1.5M to the Livestrong foundation for the fight against cancer.  So, not only do you get the benefits of using a phenomenal natural sunscreen, you get to feel great about where some of the proceeds are going.  This sunscreen was superb.  It left zero white residue that is typically left behind by the natural sunscreens, it smells great and it lasted for hours without needing to reapply it.  This product is also an excellent choice for athletes.  It uses a 20% concentration of Zinc Oxide to protect your birthday suit against UVA and UVB rays.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this product set.  I have been introduced to several excellent options that I have been bragging to friends about since.  These 3 brands are at the top of my list so far though.  Kabana Skin Care is up there with them as well.  Throw away all of your old, unnatural sunscreens and replace them with one of these options before summer gets here.  Protect yourself against the sun and carcinogenic chemicals.


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