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Paris Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Runway Report

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 RTW

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Designers ushered in their love of contrast for the Spring 2013 Paris Ready-to-Wear collections.  Subtle tints were pitted against electric hues in a number of different runway shows to create lively color trends.  Louis Vuitton’s canary yellow contrasted subdued tans and slate grays.  Felipe Oliveira Baptisa sent out muted blues alongside blazing corals and military greens.  Stark blacks and crisp whites also dominated this season’s runway color story.

Guy Laroche

Stella McCartney

Conservative silhouettes were apparent in the boxy crewnecks of Guy Laroche, geometric layering of Stella McCartney and modest hem lengths of many others.  Not to fret though.  For those with an appetite for a dash of sex appeal in their fashion, sheer breezy fabrics were abundant and were often complemented by geometric cutouts in detailing.

L’Wren Scott

Julien David

Geometry was a big hit in patterning.  Not to worry though, our brilliant designers took care of the mind melting mathematics for us.  Easy plaids, checks, and stripes were prominent in this spring runway show.  Geometric prints in general were a big hit and added a retro-chic element to collections like Louis Vuitton, L’ Wren Scott and Julien David.

It’s really difficult for me to say anything bad about runway collections, as I adore new ideas and understanding the inspiration derivatives of other designers.  This runway was spectacular and really appealed to me because of all of the fantastic color presence.


Can men tuck their pants into their boots?

My husband and I found ourselves at a crossroads of opinions this weekend on a men’s fashion point.

We were browsing Hermes and happened across a fantastic pair of men’s boots for winter.  My husband tried them on and loved them.  He stood up, pulled his pant legs over each boot and found himself intensely disappointed by how concealed all of the detailing became.  You could no longer see the beautiful zipper and craftsmanship.

I told him that he should tuck the pant legs in.  The question at hand: Is it acceptable for men to tuck their pant legs into their boots?

I poked around to see what the general consensus is on this subject and found this quote from Madeline Weeks, fashion director for GQ Magazine.  “It’s definitely a good look, but the proportion of the boot and the pants has to be right. You don’t want to the boots to be too short or too tall — say, four to six inches above the ankle, or up to eight if you’re really going to go there.”

I also found a couple of shots that I think are amazing of men rocking this daredevil look.

Chanel Fall 2009

Chanel is reliably one of the most timelessly stylish houses to ever grace the runway.  The Russian-inspired coat is a phenomenal pairing with this look, but a peacoat would be a great alternative as well.  The point I am trying to make though is that the pants are tucked into the boot and he still looks masculine and stylish.  It is a very European look and I adore it.


Now, this one is a little bit more of a fashion risk, but I also love this look (minus the chain wallet, please).

I agree with Madeline in that the acceptability of these looks is heavily dependent upon the cut of the pant and the height of the boot.  Those two details being properly addressed though, I think it is absolutely acceptable for men to tuck their pant legs in and show off some awesome leather!

Milan Spring 2013 RTW Fashion Week Runway Report

The Spring 2013 Milan Runway show addressed the full spectrum of fashion potential.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, and Marni.

Copious displays of leather for spring in bold hues and textures were shown by Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Trussardi and a number of others.  While leather for spring may leave some spectators donning perplexed looks, I found it to be a not-so-subtle tribute to the region’s most acclaimed material.  Forest green, lavender and British tan brought lightness to a heavy material, making them indisputably appropriate for a season of fresh new beginnings.

Jil Sander

Androgenous silhouettes have been resurrected by the likes of Armani, Jil Sander and Agnona.  Blazers are back and they brought with them the tailored short and trouser.  Glittering finishes add a whisper of femininity to these otherwise masculine and power-packed pieces.  Not designed for the meek, these looks convey an air of prestige and elegance that could make even some of the most powerful men in the world shake in their boots.

Emilio Pucci

Bottega Veneta

On the softer side of things we have sheer separates layered over diaphanous pants and high-waisted bloomers.  Emilio Pucci, Bottega Venetta, and Versace showed some of my favorite skin-baring collections.  These ethereal looks created dramatic curves and shapes on the runway.  Strong colors and bold detailing allowed these whimsical silhouettes to maintain the feminine strength that was so prevalent on the runway this season.


Last, but certainly not least, 60’s mod made a retro replay in bright patterns, blocky cuts and mini lengths.  Moshino, Prada and Fay led the charge on this vintage-inspired front.  You can expect to see a lot of platforms this season as well.  Personally, I am happy to welcome back these style heavy weights with open arms.  This era of fashion is one of the most iconic in my humble opinion.

This scorching hot showing is something to look forward to through the cold and dreary winter.  I thoroughly enjoyed this season’s Milan Fashion Week.

(Photos hijacked from WWD)

Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 RTW Collection

I was prompted to write a brief Runway Report for my Fashion Business class on one of the designers from a Spring 2013 RTW runway show and wanted to share my thoughts with you all!

Ralph Lauren’s show was presented beautifully.  A vibrant color palette filled with stunning patterns showed incredibly well against a creamy white runway.  The models entered through a Spanish-influenced archway and passed under wrought iron light fixtures to establish consistency through Lauren’s Latin themed collection.  The front row was studded with stars by the likes of Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde and Patrick Demarchelier.

Ralph Lauren offered up a seemingly paradoxical representation of the Latin lands.  So much of the world’s focus is often placed on the economic credit standing of a country.  Ralph Lauren reminded us that riches can be found in unexpected places.

He infused elements of detailed embroidery, beading, leathers and lace that represent notable and cherished components rooted in traditional Latin garments and costume.  Contemporary silhouettes lent themselves well in helping to put a modern spin on such historical references.

The extraordinary tailoring, fit and styling were in line with what Lauren’s line typically represents.  He takes a very literal approach when incorporating his inspiration into his collections.  This season’s ready to wear collection was no exception to this rule.

Lauren’s vibrant palette, strong silhouettes, and heavier fabrics stood out against some of the more muted tones and whimsical textiles used by designers like Mara Hoffman, Lorry Newhouse, and Rebecca Taylor.

All in all I think Lauren’s 80th showing was a tremendous success.  I feel that he stretched his own boundaries and took an avenue that was not necessarily expected of his house.

(Photos boosted from WWD)

Adventures in Fashion

After an extended hiatus to foster clarity, I am happy to report that I have returned with a laser focus on my passion…fashion.

September 6th, 2012 marks a decisive pivot on my path in life.  This date represents the beginning of my first semester at Academy of Art University as a Fashion Design major.  This school offers a truly revolutionary and rare experience as a fashion design student.

With a travel-packed work schedule the prospect of studying Fashion Design was looking pretty bleak.  Parsons, FIT, Pratt…and pretty much every other school that offers a degree in fashion requires that you be physically present to attend classes.  AAU offers nearly every one of their degrees both at their school in San Francisco and 100% online.

Not only does AAU facilitate e-learning in a ground-breaking manner, they have employed true industry leaders to head their faculty.  I am so intensely grateful and excited to have found this school.

In addition to seeking an education in fashion design I have been participating in fashion-related competitions in an effort to become further involved in the industry.

On Fashion’s Night out I was chosen as the top regional stylist in the mid-west and am now going on to compete nationally for a chance to go to NY’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

Project Style Winning Outfit

Something that I’ve learned over the last few months is that the best thing that can be done when you have a dream is get involved.  No project is too big or too small, all of them have something to teach.

I’m excited to embark on this journey and will continue to share what I learn!

Campaign Controversy.

Controversy and advertising: this dynamic duo has a stronger marriage than most couples in this country.  The world of fashion has some of the worst offenders.  I sometimes wonder about the state of humanity.  Has our intelligence degraded to levels so low that marketing teams have to beat us over the heads with such blunt instruments in order for us to take notice?

Let’s take a look at some of the most controversial ads in fashion history, many of which have been banned by censor boards.


Heralding the campaign title Fashion Junkie, Sisley took their ad to a whole new level of inappropriate.  The ad depicts thin models getting stoned off of the suggested cocaine-white dress.  While the execution was impeccable, the message was utterly poor.  The straw-in-hand models hover over a mirrored table with a credit card cleverly placed next to Sisley’s little white dress.  Sisley’s clothing may be addictively awesome, but their cocaine-snorting, fashion junkie ad is giving a bad impression.


Tom Ford skirted an ad ban on this one by the skin of his teeth.  In response to a formal complaint filed with the ASA, Gucci defended that they were known for “brand leadership and cutting-edge imagery”.  Cutting edge?  Not exactly subtle are they?  I’m not entirely sure how this stands to promote fashion, as it appears to be a better Bic campaign than Gucci ad.  It diverts the attention from the clothing…and, it’s kind of gross.

Calvin Klein

Who made non-consensual sex such an attractive method for fashion marketers?  The “tactic” is employed all too frequently.  This image illustrates a beautiful young woman in a caged area pre-gangbang.  The orgy approach is popular for selling clothing.  However, the majority of instances include only a single woman.  I am hopeful that someone will shed some light on why it is thought that this sells a brand.


A Levi’s jeans ad…sans jeans.  I’m not sure how this promotes the benefits of wearing their jeans, but it gets your attention.  Mission accomplished.

Tom Ford

As you can see, Ford has not lost his shock value since leaving Gucci.  Are they selling his new fragrance or blow up doll?

ALL of these ads accomplished their goals and got massive attention from the buzz they created.  So, in theory they are good ads.  However, the messages and strategies leave much to be desired (no pun intended).  When the day comes for me to launch my clothing line, I can assure you subtle cleverness will take the place of overt shock value.

Spring 2011: Wedges

As promised, there is a resurgence of the platform wedge and might I say they’re getting better every time!  Designers seem to be taking things a step further and breaking out of the traditional platform wedge mold.  This season they’ve given greater attention to varying the heel widths, experimenting with daring angles and layering multiple colors and textures to birth some of the mind-blowing creations you will find below.

With that being said…here are a few of this season’s lovely ladies:


I realize that I’m pushing it a little by including this shoe as a wedge, but I just had to sneak it in.  What a stunning design!



Not only is this shoe adorable and feminine, it accents the foot’s shape beautifully.


This is such an oddly captivating shoe.  Had they left off the foam soles I would adore these shoes!

Rick Owens

Jan Taminiau

Louis Vuitton

Alexander McQueen

Whether you pair this style of shoe with a wide-legged trouser or a little floral dress you’ll exude chic and effortless style, perfect for the balmy months.

Tell me what you think!  Would you wear these shoes?  Which of the designers do you think mastered this style?