About Me

Thanks for dropping by!

Formerly, I modeled for Wilhelmina and am now enrolled as a Fashion Design major at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

I’m an aspiring fashion designer, so a lot of what you read about on here will be geared towards trends, designers, techniques and things of this nature regarding the fashion industry.  I’m on a perpetual quest to further my knowledge and skills and want to share everything I can with those who are also hungry to learn.

When I’m not preoccupied with the fashion world I love to learn about health.  I have maintained a passion for healthy eating, exercise and nutritional research for over a decade now. Knowing how to promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family is something I strive to excel at daily.

I hope that you enjoy my articles and don’t forget to speak up if you have an opinion about any of it.  I love hearing from my readers!


4 responses to “About Me

  • Liam O'Brien

    Hey Dollface you are a very beautiful person inside and out throughly enjoyed every word so far…. Keep it coming!!!

  • Rene

    I wish the fashion industry would design some sensible pant styles for men. This skinny jeans thing DOES NOT work on men. I makes them look like a scrawny whimps! I can’t wait until the 501s are back in style, those were sexy!

    • Jessica Van Sickle

      Hi Rene,

      I have to say, I do agree that the skinny jeans trend for men should fade into the deep, dark depths of history and stay there. Fitted jeans are one thing, but the skinny pants are a bit emasculating.

      Fingers crossed that the skinny jeans take neon with them on their way out. 🙂

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