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Summer blues.

The epitome of grassroots, all-American style is…denim.  I don’t know a person who doesn’t have a pair of jeans hanging in their closet that have been worn so thin that they now have to ration out when they can wear them again for fear that it will be the last time.

The great thing about denim is it comes in myriad styles, colors, cuts and price points. I personally am an addict.  I love designer denim, but own denim clothing from stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, and Target as well.  First created by Levi Strauss in 1853, its comfort and versatility could not be ignored.  It won the hearts of Americans and has spread like wildfire from country to country since.

Denim shows up on the runways regularly, this season is no exception.  Be on the look out for some of these denim trends in 2011:

Denim Trouser by Akris

The denim trouser is at the top of the heap as far as style trends go in my book.  When searching for the perfect fit, you should look for a pant that fits loosely through the leg, but is form-fitting in the tush.  If you can, look for a mid-rise cut to help elongate the leg.  The beauty of this particular pant is that it can be easily dressed up or down by swapping a casual top for a dressier blazer and a couple of simple accessory choices.  This makes a day-to-night transformation super simple if you’re in a rush!

Crop-Cut by Rich & Skinny

This cut is especially flattering on tall, leggy frames.  However, with a couple tweaks they can be worn by anyone.  If you have a shorter build, simply roll them up a couple times to showcase those lovely ankles!  This style is stellar for showing off your phenomenal shoe collection.  They’re one of my favorite pieces of casual wear that I own!

Denim Shirt and Pant by Lucky Brand

I lucked out and captured 2 trends in a single photo for you.  First, denim tops are back for another round.  Everything from long-sleeve and short-sleeve to baggy or fitted styles are in!  And to make things even better, pair different washes and colors together to make your denim look even more eye-catching!

Denim Short by Elie Tahari

Whether you opt for a casual cut-off or it’s dressier cuffed counterpart, you’ll be on target with the latest fashion trends to stay cool and look hot during summer’s sweltering heat.

Peek around.  There are wonderful options for both the designer style connoisseur and the determined bargain hunter alike.  Don’t miss out on this wonderfully chic and comfortable trend!


Style revivals.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the snowy white winter season, many of you are starting to pack away those bulky winter clothes to usher in sundresses, shorts and many of your other spring staples.

Here are some of the style trends you can expect to see when shopping for some new complimentary pieces for your collections:

’70s Style Sophistication

No silly, pack that leisure suit back up.  That puppy’s not coming back….ever.  However, you will see a revival of high-waisted trousers, billowy blouses, bold prints, vibrant colors and the beloved platform wedge.  Mix in some of your boho pieces for a more sophisticated version of the last ’70s revival.

’60s Genteel

This was one of my favorite eras for fashion.  Expect to see comebacks made by full skirts/dresses, belted waists, and square heeled shoes.  Should you need any inspiration from this time period, Edie Sedgwick was glamour incarnate.  After all, she was Betsy Johnson’s ‘It’ girl.

Biker Chic

Biker is this spring’s version of military.  We saw some of this start to creep into the fashion world this past winter with the hot riding boots that were such a big hit.  Now we’re approaching the biker realm at full throttle (no pun intended).  There will be lots of polished leathers, edgy hardware, and motorcycle style pants.  Think Olivia Newton John at the END of Grease.

Color Me Curious.

For those of you who missed the memo, the Spring 2011 color forecast has been announced by Pantone!  Now if you’re unfamiliar with what this company does, it’s high time that someone brought you up to speed.

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color.  They are the creators of an innovative system that is used to identify, match and communicate color so that accurate matches can be achieved across the various design industries.  To boil it down, they have set the standard for color naming and identification.

Moving on to the fun stuff, what’s hot!  Drum roll…..

The top 10 colors chosen for women’s spring fashion.
Spring 2011 Women's Colors

The top 10 colors chosen for men’s spring fashion.
Spring 2011 Men's Colors

These palettes are a great guide to use when you’ve finished your spring cleaning and find yourself looking to replace a few of your outdated pieces with something fun for your new warm weather wardrobe.

If you’re a designer, Pantone has a fantastic tool to help you capture your inspirations.  Should you happen to be one of the millions of iPhone users, Pantone has created an application which allows you to take a picture of the beautiful element that caught your eye, then their technology extracts the color you choose from the photo and finds the closest match to a Pantone standard color as possible.  You can take the color name to the fabric manufacturer of your choice a have it produced into whatever your wildest dreams can create!  Download the application to get started!

Pantone’s vivid color palettes have been combined with some bold patterns by the top designers this season.  Fashion moguls have also been mixing boldly patterned pieces with one another to create a flirty, exciting combo that is sure to draw attention your way!  Take the lead from designers like Gregory Parkinson, Diane von Furstenberg and L.A.M.B to make sure you pair your patterns in a chic way.

Whether you’re a trend-setting design icon or an avid fashionista, Pantone is a fantastic tool to guide you through the beautiful spectrum of color options out on the market.