Spring 2011: Wedges

As promised, there is a resurgence of the platform wedge and might I say they’re getting better every time!  Designers seem to be taking things a step further and breaking out of the traditional platform wedge mold.  This season they’ve given greater attention to varying the heel widths, experimenting with daring angles and layering multiple colors and textures to birth some of the mind-blowing creations you will find below.

With that being said…here are a few of this season’s lovely ladies:


I realize that I’m pushing it a little by including this shoe as a wedge, but I just had to sneak it in.  What a stunning design!



Not only is this shoe adorable and feminine, it accents the foot’s shape beautifully.


This is such an oddly captivating shoe.  Had they left off the foam soles I would adore these shoes!

Rick Owens

Jan Taminiau

Louis Vuitton

Alexander McQueen

Whether you pair this style of shoe with a wide-legged trouser or a little floral dress you’ll exude chic and effortless style, perfect for the balmy months.

Tell me what you think!  Would you wear these shoes?  Which of the designers do you think mastered this style?


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